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Pk Domain Registration

PK is the selected Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Pakistan. PKNIC is the self-supporting organization established in 1992 and authorized by the Government of Pakistan that is responsible for the supervision of the.PK domain name, including the operation of the Domain name system for the Root-Servers for.PK domains, and registration and maintenance of all these.PK domain names. Being a non-profitable organization, it allows Internet addressing for the top-Level domain.PK, reserved for Pakistan. Only a few of the companies is a reseller of PKNIC and authority to register the .pk domain. Web Designing is one of the best PK domain resellers in Pakistan who deals with all types of .pk domain registration, processing as well as maintenance. We are proving the best .pk registration services at very competitive prices.

Why pk domain is important?
At Web Designing under the services of .pk domain registration, we have the right and authority to register all second level. PK Domain Extensions all above. Being a well-reputed and professional services provider, we are providing the most economical prices as compared to any other company or services provider. Our main objective is to provide quality services in the best possible way to satisfy our clients.

PK Domain Registration Policy

According to the domain registration policy of PKNIC, all type of Pakistani ccTlds can be registered for minimum two years, and after two years you need to renew the process by paying again for it after its expiration or consider getting it registered for maximum 10 Years at the same time. One more thing which has great importance and different in terms of registering/renewing is that price is low for those with local address and higher for international individualizes. The registration process of.PK domain only takes a minimum of 5 minutes or a maximum of 24 hours. Once your domain is registered with the registry, it takes up to 6 hours for the registry to activate the domain. After the activation, the DNS dissemination may take a few more hours. Anyone in Pakistan can register this name for different purposes or especially for commercial use.

Is .Pk domain SEO friendly in Pakistan?

Pk domain is SEO friendly as Google and many other major search engines prefer country name domain. Because it makes it easy to find the right information and then display it to the target audience effectively, in this way, you can gain high rankings. The country-specific domains control your chosen location and rank them higher for example, when searching for web designing companies in Pakistan; Google will rank those websites high that have specified their targeted location in their domain name. .PK domain name plays a significant role to get more top ranking in the local market. Promotion and publicity are essential for the growth of your business. To get a suitable .pk domain for maximum growth and revenues. We can say that your domain name is something exclusive and unique that no one can use or copy, so it helps to increase click through rates, trust and credibility, maximum attention in the search engine results pages as well as rise brand potential. A reliable domain name is essential for any size business, at any stage of development either it’s a big setup or a small startup. It helps to attract potential customers with an exclusive title. A unique domain helps you to distinguish from other businesses and endorse a sense of professionalism. Always remember that your domain name should be a reflection of your brand so it should be simple, and striking. The unique domain name will help your website to get high ranking at search results.


Either you are running a business or want to start a new one, online presence in this era of technology is very much important. Usually, the first thing your potential customer will do when searching out your product or service is to conduct a web search, and if your website is relatively easy to find and navigate, you’ll significantly increase your chances of a sale. Now there is an increasing trend of online shopping, and one of the most operative approaches of reaching potential customers is through a well-developed and well-maintained website. From a marketing standpoint, you can create a strong brand image with the right selection of the domain name. In different aspects of SEO and online marketing domain name is one of the building blocks to an excellent website. So, the right and best choice are fundamental.
•    Try to make it exclusive, so you are not jumbled with your competitors
•    Don’t use hyphens
•    It should be short and no longer than 15 characters
•    Avoid words that are easily misspelled
•    Try to use one word, two is also ok but avoid three words
•    Don’t use numbers or words that have many spelling differences.
•    Try to market domain names like this so that customers know what your website is all about.

Importance of PK domain

•    .Pk domain is the best choice for everyone who wants to run the business, organization or any company in Pakistan. It also helps those who are not actually in Pakistan but wants to start his or her company as a Pakistani originated company in other countries.
•    .Pk domain also helps to make your brand visible by targeting the right target audience and gives a boost to their business systematically.
•    .PK domain extension offers you different domain names. You can select one from the top-level domain names with .pk extension.
•    Even you can choose a domain name in any of the regional languages of Pakistan; Urdu, Punjabi, Baluchi, Pashto, Sindhi. The Roman alphabets make it possible for you to choose domain names like, careem. Pk etc.
•    A.PK domain will permit you to target the local audience where the competition will be not as much of, and you can quickly maximize your business potential.
•    .PK domain is the best choice that saves your money and time and helps you in creating the validity of your online presence.
•    Through the PK domain, you can rank higher in the local market.
•    Usually, customers prefer local brand due to easy accessibility domain create a sense of belongingness and increase the credibility of your business or company.
•    .PK domain gives your brand an impressive reputation and impression to your potential Pakistani clients because it will show your assurance in serving the local market.
•    .PK domain helps you rank higher in Google local searches because it is hosted in Pakistani servers.
•    As Pakistani target audience of your business or company PK is the best option ccTLD to register your domain name.
•    If your business has. Pk domain then it will help in a way that the search engine will show the products from local domain extensions first before screening international results.
•    Local Top-Level Domain has more influential in national searches, like if your startup owns both .com TLD and .pk TLD and that you want to rank your site in Pakistan, chances are high for .pk to rank first.
•    Maximize your search engine ranking. As you build your business and develop your website with quality content, your domain name will become more and more identifiable in search engines like Google, which attracts more customers in your direction.
•    Generates a brand with marketability all over Pakistan as you try to focus precisely in a local region.
•    By registering domain name, your company can deliver relevant and localized information about your product and services.
•    .PK domain gives your company a professional image, which validates and establishes proof of your commitment to local customers. By targeting the local Pakistani market, you can maximize your company's revenues.

Domain Name and its importance

A domain name is just a human-readable form of an IP address. So, in terms of functionality, we can say it is the destination that you type into a web browser to visit a website, such a www.facebook. com. To make it more simple it can be explained like this it is like to how you would scroll to a contact in your cell phone rather than manually dialling the person by entering their full phone number; the phone number would be an IP address, and the saved contact would be a domain name. The domain name has a lot of importance as everything including online presence starts with a perfect domain name. Always avail the services of best reseller for the registration of any domain, either local or international.
•    A domain name adds reliability to your business because your domain name makes your company look proficient and credible.
•    If you have your domain name, then it designates your value in the Digital Revolution, and it suggests that you’re up-to-date on developing technologies. It helps you to keep one step forward than your competitors so we can say it enhances agility to your Internet presence.
•    The right domain name attracts the potential customers and helps in the growth of every business as a domain name builds the brand and rise responsiveness of your brand. If your domain name matches your company name, it strengthens and supports your brand, making it easier for customers to remember and return.
•    A best-selected domain name can also help to generate more traffic to your Web site and building your reputation and ultimately leads to more customers and better sales and revenues.

Different Types of .PK Domains

There are different types of second-level pk domain extensions like;
. COM.PK for General business and individuals
. ORG.PK for Nonprofit organizations
. NET.PK for network businesses
. FAM.PK for family and individuals
. WEB.PK for websites
. EDU.PK for educational institutes
. Gov.PK Domain for Government of Pakistan
. BIZ.PK for general business and promotions
. GOB.PK Domain for Government of Baluchistan
. GOG. Pk Domain for Government of Gilgit Baltistan
. GOP.PK Domain for Government of Punjab
. GOK.PK Domain for Government of Azad Kashmir
. GKP.PK Domain for Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
. GOS.PK Domain for Government of Sindh career.

Eligibility for PK domain registration

•    All PKNIC resellers have authority to register PK domain
•    Though it’s a local domain international customer can yet register
•    It is used for commercial purposes in Pakistan
•    Can’t be register or available for illegal purpose
•    Any company, business or organization can register this domain easily

Choice between .PK and.COM

Here is a quick guide and definitions so you can select the best domain extension based on your settings and requirements:
•    Global Top-Level Domains or gTLD
.com, .info, .biz, .org, .net, .name are Global Top-Level Domains or gTLD. These do not have many outcomes on a website’s rankings in SEO, but users are more accustomed to .com,.net, .org domains and if you intend to service global audience .com is the best choice.
•    Country Code Top Level Domains ccTLD
. Pk,. are ‘Country Code Top Level Domains ccTLD but.PK domains suggestively mark the ranking in search engines and improve the SEO of a website among the national search results.
.PK domain Prices
Our main objective is to provide our clients with the lowest prices as compared to other resellers. You can compare our prices, and you will never be disappointed.

The process to renew the name in.PK?

PKNIC allows you to renew your .pk domain name within 15 days after its expiration to secure it to go for probation period because once it will go into probation period, then you will not be able to renew it before completion of this period, or there are chances that PKNIC will hold it and put it on Auction. You can renew name yourself by purchasing a PKNIC Prepaid card from any reseller of PKNIC, or you can also renew your .PK Domain name from any PKNIC reseller.
All pk domain names come under Sponsor and registry of PKNIC, that's why all rights are reserved for PKNIC and their resellers to register or renew any .pk domain extension as well as make a PKNIC card for registration and renewal of any .pk extension. Anyone who holds any .pk domain extension for his/her website can renew their domain name himself/herself by following two simple renewal processes: PKNIC Card renewal process, through this process you can renew your domain name personally after ingoing Your domain name, Your PKNIC card Number and PKNIC card PIN code on applicable fields to renew your pk domains If you register your pk domain name from a .pk domain registrar then you can ask him to renew your domain name before its expiration. You can also ask a PKNIC reseller to renew your pk domain name. It’s the simple and easiest way to renew your PK domain name because you need to pay a PKNIC reseller and he/she will renew your domain as soon as after validation of your payments.

Process of transferring .pk Domain from one service provider to another
Most people transfer their.PK domains from one service provider to another service provider due to high renewal price of PK Domains and poor services. To transfer a .PK domain name from one domain provider to another domain provider's panel you have to write an Authorization letter to PKNIC on your company letterhead in which you have to mention your full name, your designation, your address, your company name and your domain name. In additional you have to mention your CNIC number in the letter and also the signature and stump or official seal of Chief Executive officer of your company.

Things to remember to Select the Right Domain Name for your Business

Selection of the right domain name is very much important like your name that people always remember so as your company or business. It will always be, known by the domain name you choose for it. Different businessman think that first select any of the domain name, and after the development and growth of the business, it can be changed, but honestly, it’s not a right approach. Once the people remember the domain name, it can’t change as people don’t want such type of change. It should be a onetime process after that people will remember and relate with your business through that name, which means that you should be careful while planning your business’ name and domain name.
•    A striking domain name should be brandable, exclusive, unforgettable, appropriate and shows your businesses. Through a proper brainstorming, you can get the desired results.
•    Search engine optimization is very much essential to maximize the online visibility of your website. Keep in mind while the selection of the domain name uses the most relevant keywords and if you do not find an exact keyword domain name, then use the keywords that are closely related.
•    Always remember that your domain name should be
•    Unique
•    Easy to find for potential customers
•    Reflects and gives the clear idea of your business
•    Show in correlated searches
•    Maximum search engine ranking
•    For selecting the domain name for your business evaluate it deeply Don’t make a mistake of choosing unclear names that are not relevant and leave the consumers in confusion. The domain name should be so clear that it speaks for itself.
•    Try to select the domain name that is presented across every social media platform. It will help to generate a good impression as it strengthens brand identity and reliability. The most available domain name helps to avoid misperception in your potential consumers, increase awareness, supports word of mouth marketing and above all searchable and reachable.
•    Short and easy to remember domain names are always better. So, make your name unforgettable.
•    A domain name is the online identity of a business and could not be changed now and then. With changing the name, there is a chance to lose the identity, the search engine ranking, the SEO efforts and the target audience. You have to take your time and put reasonable efforts to select the best domain name relevant to your business, products and services.
•    Keep in mind the copyright of others; otherwise, you have to face legal problems. Your domain name should not be confused with anyone else to create a unique identity. You can use a domain generator and check the uniqueness through Google.
•    Selecting the right domain extension is the key to success in the internet world as a lot of different domain extensions have developed, but .com is still the most reliable and wanted domain extension. .com is the oldest domain extension, and people are aware of it. Along with this org, .net and extensions are also used. If you do not find a .com domain name, it is better to go with .org If you are operating in Pakistan, domain extensions like .pk are the best choice. Same is the case with different countries having different domain extensions.
•    Don’t use hyphens, numbers, spellings variation or Confusing spellings in a domain name to avoid any confusion among potential customers. These features are also difficult to remember, and many times, while searching for the business, people forget about them. So make it as simple as possible.

.PK registration providers in Pakistan

Now many companies are providing the services or .pk domain registration as a reseller of PKNIC. But the main thing is to provide reliable and high-quality services with cost-effective solutions. Web Designing is among the top reseller of PKNIC who are providing best services at very competitive prices.

Why choose us?

•    We are providing 24/7 technical support to our clients
•    No hidden charges
•    Competitive prices with cost-effective solutions
•    Our team guides you at every step, and you can purchase a domain name without any hassle.
•    Our experienced and qualified team is providing best services regarding .pk domain registration, transfer domains, renew domains, domain market place and bulk registration.
•    We always give priority to our clients because fulfilling the requirements of our clients as per standards is our primary objective.

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